Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Kids To Help Kids has just launch an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. If we meet our goal we will be able to successfully launch the charity auction site to sell kids art in order to raise money for children in need.

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About Kids To Help Kids

What is Kids To Help Kids?  It is an idea to start a charity that will take donated art from children and turn it into a means to support other children.

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Win an iPad mini!


Kids To Help Kids campaign contributors will get a chance to win a new Apple iPad mini. Get additional chances to win by letting your family and friends know about this great cause!

More Information

  • Support: Help us reach our goal to create a charity for Kids To Help Kids.
  • Participate: Be a part of the action, promote the site and vote for the cause.
  • Perks: Get limited edition stuff in exchange for your pledge.
  • Fun!: Something new and exciting every week.  Stay tuned for updates!

  • Art: Accept art from children who want to help make a difference.
  • Auction: Sell donated art to raise funds for children in need.
  • Smiles: Make the day for as many kids as possible.


  • iPad mini: win an Apple iPad mini 16GB!
  • Something for you: while giving something that will help kids to help kids.
  • Increase your odds: refer family and friends for more chances to win.
  • Nothing to lose: If the campaign is not successful nobody is charged.

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Welcome to the interim home of Kids To Help Kids


I am looking to start a charity that will empower kids to help other kids in need.  I would like to create an online auction site where children can donate art that will be sold and the proceeds will go to help other children.


I have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to acquire the minimum resources required to become a non-profit organization and to get the auction site up and running.  Indiegogo is a crowd funding platform that allows people to raise money safely for a cause.  Please visit the campaign page and help support me make this charity a reality.


Feel free to browse the site and use our social networking links to interact with us and share with your family, friends and colleagues.  The more people we reach the more likely we will be to meet our goal and raise enough money to get started.



Thanks for visiting Kids To Help Kids!




Go-Live Notice

Want to get notification when the Kids To Help Kids charity website goes live? Sign up here and we will email you with details near the go live date.


Thanks! We will contact email addresses on this list to let you know when the site is almost ready and when donated artwork can be submitted. K2hK

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